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In 1983 I started my first company, aw software. I sold one copy of "Compac" for $10. Things have improved since then...

This site is about various things, but mostly my software and hardware hobbies.


Classic Basic Games

Star Trek, Hamurabi, Lunar Lander, Life, Wumpus! Play all of the classics with my Win32 classic BASIC interpreter.

My first microcomputer was a Radio Shack TRS-80. Check out my original Trs-80 Adventures running on my Win32 Trs-80 Emulator!

Flickr For Roku

View flickr photos on your Roku.  Download BrightScript Source.


The ultimate Windows Maze Screen Saver. Works with most versions of Windows.

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Roku - The best streaming player.

Anthony Wood
Last update: 11/10/13